REAL Life Discipleship

Start your journey toward REAL life!

What Is REAL Life Discipleship?

REAL Life Discipleship is a spiritual growth process designed to help you navigate your journey toward the whole life in Christ God has in store for you. To experience this kind of life Christ offers, believers must grow in various areas of spiritual maturity. To facilitate this growth, REAL Life Discipleship offers introductory studies along with nine Life Paths that you may travel down on your journey. These studies and paths may include discipleship courses, a small group study, one-on-one with a mentor, and even activity projects to help you in this area of growth.

Where Do I Start?

To determine where to start requires knowing where you are. Decide which of the following statements best fits you; then follow its directions for the next step on your discipleship journey.

“I am a new Christian, not yet involved at Northside.” Your first step is Discovering Life in Christ, a personal Bible study with a mature Christian who will lead you through the basics of your walk with Christ, including who Jesus is, what salvation means, and where to go from here.

“I have been a Christian for a while, but I am not yet involved at Northside.” Your first step is to go through our Connection series that introduces you to the Northside family. Not only will you discover who we are and what we are about as a church, you will also discover how you can get plugged in at Northside through relationships and ministry.

“I have been a Christian for a while and am involved at Northside, but I need help in a specific area of my life.” We offer nine different Life Paths, or categories for personal growth, from which you may choose. After you have identified your area of interest/need, choose from the list of courses on this brochure that will best help you address that area. If you are not sure which study is best for you, you can contact the Discipleship office for counsel on which study may be right for you.

Summer Discipleship Courses (June - August)

How Do I Sign Up?

To sign up for a REAL Life Discipleship course or request to meet with a REAL Life Guide, simply complete the information below. Then select a course from the list in the drop-down box below that states, “I would like to join…” (Don’t forget to pay attention to course days and times). PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY THE CLASSES LISTED IN THE DROP-DOWN BOXES ARE AVAILABLE FOR NEW MEMBERS FOR THE SUMMER.