Northside Missions

Learn here how you can help reach your neighbors and the nations for Christ!

Northside Missions is a platform for disciples to reach their neighbors and the nations for Christ and His Kingdom. We strive to bring the gospel to those without Christ, hope to those in need beyond their ability, and support to those in the work with us.

2023 Missions Opportunities

National & International Missions


We are taking a team of 12 to the Salt Lake City, Utah area that focuses on (1) Engaging Latter-Day Saints and college students with the gospel of Christ and (2) sharpening trip participants with a deeper understanding of the faith and more well-rounded skill set for sharing the faith.


Who Can Go?

Open to any adult but predominantly designed for college-age adults. Northside will be joining a couple of teams from other ministries. Maximum participants for Northside is 12 persons.


Where Will We Stay?

We will be staying in an Airbnb large enough for up to 30 people.


How Much Will It Cost?

Approximately $1100, which includes everything except personal spending money. A non-refundable $100 deposit is due by February 1st.


  • February 1 - $100 non-refundable deposit due
  • March 1 - $500 non-refundable deposit due
  • April 1 - Remaining balance due

For more information, contact Pastor Joe Easterling at

Local & State Missions

About Northside Missions


EVANGELISM. Northside Missions seeks to provide all people an opportunity to respond to the gospel in their own cultural context, seeking and using the most effective method, such as sports, street evangelism, healthcare, relief/recover, and others.

EMPOWERMENT. Northside Missions seeks to empower disciples, churches, and missional organizations to fulfill the Great Commission in their own regions, by providing various necessary means of support, including funding, training, short-term engagements, etc.

AID & RELIEF. In proportion to our resources and skills, Northside Missions seeks to help put people in a position to hear and receive the message of Christ and to move forward toward the abundant life Christ wants for them. Such aid may include building or repairing homes, churches, and communities; providing food or healthcare; offering skills training; and walking alongside those through the process of transition

PARTNERSHIPS. Northside Missions strategically partners with missionaries, mission organizations, and indigenous churches so to expand God’s kingdom to other areas of the nation and the world.


  • Every disciple has some role in reaching the lost and hurting for Christ; therefore, we encourage everyone to get involved in the missional efforts in some capacity, including prayer, giving, and going.

  • Missions does not happen if Christ is not shared; therefore, every missional endeavor has the common goal of sharing the gospel to the lost.

  • The farther a light shines in the distance the brighter it shines at home; therefore, we always maintain a balance of local and distant mission endeavors, with local missions getting the greater focus.

  • Mission-mindedness refuses to offer what costs them nothing; therefore, our missionaries must have “skin in the game” (money, prayer, time, labor) before benefiting from the offerings of others.

  • Greater impact can be had when a consistent presence is felt; therefore, we seek proven ministry partnerships when they can be found.

  • We want to put others in the position to eventually minister without dependence on us; therefore, ministry partnerships should come with a clear, communicated sunset.

  • Money follows ministry; therefore, ministries invested in must first demonstrate vision, structure, integrity, and a measure of fruitfulness.